It has been an absolutely wonderful pilgrimage and we were out and about from early morning till evening. I now need to take some time to process all the moving and challenging experiences that we have encountered.I hope to give a presentation at church in the New Year with photographs,prayers and song.

This blog was an experiment. I came up against one or two problems – some unexpected. For example when I tried to log onto wordpress I found that it appeared in Hebrew with writing oriented from right to left! However I have managed to post each day and to upload some photographs.

Don’t forget to click on the small box with three lines next to the blog title to see some photographs not embedded in the main pages.

As I close this blog, I’ll add a quote from the book Living Jesus by John Pritchard.

Here was a man who had no PR machine,no shadowy ‘advisers’, no lap-top, email,or internet. He wrote no book, syndicated no newspaper articles, had no social networking site. He spoke to no more people in his lifetime than would fill the football stadium of a team in the lower reaches of the Championship. But he has changed the world more than any person has ever done,and he touches the imagination of more people today that ever before.


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