Day Two

“Jesus took with him Peter and James and John and led them up a high mountain apart,by themselves. And he was transfigured before them and his clothes became dazzling white” .

Today we climbed Mount Tabor, not on foot …but by minibus. Mountains are special places and in the Bible were often places of worship. You can read the whole of the transfiguration story in Luke 9:28-36. The three disciples Simon Peter, James and John witnessed a magnificent event on the mountain top. Jesus’ appearance became bright and he spoke to Moses and Elijah. They heard the voice of God, ‘ This is my son, the beloved, listen to him’.
Many people think that Mount Tabor is the place where this happened. Why? Because it is a high mountain in Galilee that stands ‘all by itself’.
There was a wonderful view from the top which was covered by cloud as we approached.

From there we travelled to Nazareth. This was where Mary lived and where she received the wonderful news that she was to be the mother of Jesus. It was in Nazareth that Jesus probably spent his childhood. Then, it was a town of about 300-400. Today it is perhaps the largest city in Northern Israel with about 120,000 people. 70%of the population is Palestinian Muslim and 30%Palestinian Christian.

Leaving Nazareth we travelled to Cana – the place of Jesus’ first miracle, where water was turned to wine.

Today I saw so many pictures of St George. St George was Palestinian and was said to come from Lydda which is close to present day Tel Aviv. I will try to post a photo.

What is today’s memory? Meeting people from so many different places. I paddled in the Sea of Galilee with a woman from Brazil and chatted to a young man from Ertitrea. So many people from so many places. It’s good to be together and to share.

Tomorrow we head south to Jerusalem. I hope I will have the technology to post. Let’s see. Meanwhile, let’s try and upload another picture.


Day One

Hello Little Disciples,Explorers,Children’s Church,Sunday School and all! Today was our first day of the pilgrimage which we spent around the Sea of Galilee. The Sea of Galilee is in the north of the country.It’s a heart shaped lake and it’s also called the Sea of Tiberias,Lake Kinneret and the Sea of Genneseret.
Jesus spent much of his time round this area,healing and teaching.
We visited areas where it is likely that the disciples,Simon Peter,Andrew,James and John worked as fishermen. We visited the hillside where it is likely that Jesus taught people all the things we know as the sermon on the mount.We Capernaum the town where Jesus spent a lot of time.We also sailed on the Sea of Galilee. What struck me most was the stunning light and colours – the greens,blues and greys of the sky and waters. A storm arose – with thunder,lightening and threatening skies. When this cleared the most beautiful rainbow appeared over the north end of the lake. I thought about the story we had at Little Disciples last Sunday,about the rainbow being a sign of God’s promise.

This is the memory I will take with me from today – the constantly changing light,shades and colours of the day and the peace and stillness as the sun went down. These are the skies and the landscape that Jesus saw.
Now I am going to try and upload two photographs.One is of the rainbow over the Sea of Galilee.The other is the sky as the sun was setting.
The internet connection here is quite slow so uploading might or might not work.We shall see!


On 30th October I will be travelling to the Holy Land on the diocesan pilgrimage led by our three bishops, Bishop David, Bishop Chris and Bishop Mark. We look forward to travelling in the footsteps of Jesus through the lands of Israel and Palestine.

During our pilgrimage I will be posting on a blog that I have set up. This will be written primarily for the children of our parish; however all are invited to access it ; you may even like to post a comment or send a question to one of our bishops,who I’m sure, will be only too glad to respond.

I am new to blogging but I hope to post each night. If nothing appears then it may be a technical hitch but hopefully you should hear from me regularly. The blog can also be accessed by our parish web siteĀ

The little maps that I distributed before leaving may help you follow where we are travelling.

Please keep us all in your prayers.