Day Six

Day Six. Our final day.

We traveled from Jerusalem to Abu Ghosh Emmaus. The story of the Road to Emmaus is found in Luke 24 v13-35.Two disciples of Jesus’ were walking to Emmaus discussing everything that had happened to Jesus in Jerusalem. One of them was named Cleopas. Who was the other disciple? Our guide Hani suggested that each one of is the other disciple. How many of us have discovered that Jesus has traveled along with us even though we may not at first have recognized him? How many of us have recognized him in the breaking of the bread?

At Emmaus we joined together for our final Eucharist before flying home.

We later traveled to Jaffa the port where Jonah is said to have set off for Tarshish before he ended up overboard and the belly of the big fish!

Near Jaffa we had a late lunch – bread,olives,humus,salads, kebabs and baklava before a paddle in the Mediterranean.

Then we made our way to Ben Gurion airport and to a lengthy security check in process.

Please note I have added some photographs to this blog but for some reason unknown to me they haven’t embedded themselves in the main pages. You will need to click on the square with with three parallel lines in it,on the right hand side of the main title REVKARENBLOG.


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