Day Six

We spent today in Jerusalem. Jerusalem means ‘City of Peace’.
We remembered the last week of Jesus’ life,his crucifixion and resurrection.

In Jerusalem in Jesus’ times there were crowds, pilgrims, soldiers and skirmishes. It is just the same today and we witnessed some unrest this morning in the vicinity of Temple Mount.I expect reports may have been on BBC news. Thankfully we were safe but some people have to live with the danger of unrest as a daily reality.We pray for the peace of

Early this morning I was chatting to a man who comes to work here. He travels from Bethlehem each day. He gets up at 4AM as on some days it can take up to two hours to get through the check points. He is lucky to have a permit. For many people this would be an impossibility.

This afternoon we visited Ein Karem. This is thought to be the place where Elizabeth lived, mother of John the Baptist. We visited two churches.The first was the Church of St. John the Baptist, where I prayed for the congregation and work of the community of St John the Baptist in Atherton.The second was the Church of the Visitation. This celebrates the visit of Mary,a young 14 year old girl to her older cousin Elizabeth. Mary the Mother of
Jesus and Elizabeth the mother of John. In the courtyard is a lovely sculpture of Mary and Elizabeth.Two spirit filled women celebrate the action of God in each others’ lives. Behind the sculpture the Magnificat is displayed in 60 plus different languages. It was such a peaceful place in beautiful hill country. We ended our visit by singing the lovely hymn ‘Tell out my soul the greatness of the Lord’,words based on the Magnificat.


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