Day Five

Hello Little Disciples,Explorers,Children’s Church, Sunday School and all!
Just a short post tonight as I am a very tired pilgrim!!!

Today we visited (and floated) in the Dead Sea. It’s the lowest and saltiest place on earth,nearly 400 metres below sea level. The River Jordan flows into it and because more water evaporates from it than flows into it – it has lots and lots of salt. It is so salty that no animals can live in it.That’s why it’s called the DEAD SEA. You won’t see any fish in it!
The salty water means that it is very very easy to float in it -you bob around on the surface like a cork!

We also visited Qumran,the place where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in caves between 1947 and 1956 ,the first one by a young shepherd boy looking after his sheep.They are bible texts which are believed to belong to the Essenes,a religious group who lived in Jesus’ time.

Back in Jerusalem this evening we listened to a very moving and challenging talk about the children of Gaza and the tremendous difficulties experienced there.I hope to be able to tell you more about this when I return.


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